Elias Maverick m Anne Harris 1623

Elias Maverick was born about 1604 in Awliscombe, England, son of Rev. John Maverick and Mary Gye. Awliscomebe is a village in Devon, and centers around the Church of St. Michael’s.  It is described as having fine medieval stonework.  It’s population just 10 years ago was about 500.  Elias arrived in America with his parents on the ship Mary & John leaving Plymouth, England on 20 March 1630, and arriving in Dorchester MA on 30 May 1630.  This ship carried 140 people from the counties of Dorset, Somerset, and Devon in England.  These people were not particularly fleeing religious persecution or discrimination, but more likely just seeking to better their lives.  Elias originally settled in Winnissimmet (now Chelsea), then moved to Charlestown. 

Anne Harris was born about 1613 in Hatherop, England, daughter of Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Williams. Hatherop is another very small community in Gloucester county in the highlands of central England. The town was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, which was a survey of that country’s land, property and livestock ownership.  After arriving in America, Anna’s father operated a ferry between present day Chelsea and Charlestown. It is believed this was the first ferry established in America.  

In 1632, Elias was living in Charlestown, Suffolk County MA and seems to have lived there for the remainder of his life. Elias married Anne on 11 June 1633 in Charlestown, MA.  They were members of the Congregational Church in that town. They had eleven children. 

In 1634 he was granted land in what is now Revere, MA (sometimes called Pullen Point or Rumney Marsh).

In 1654, Elias was a member of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery of Boston.  This organization, chartered in 1638, is the oldest chartered military organization in the Western Hemisphere, third oldest in the world.  It was organized to coordinate military protection for the settlements against the Indians because the volunteer companies were not organized for joint action.  This group still exists, and membership includes nine Medal of Honor recipients, and four presidents (Monroe, Arthur, Coolidge, and Kennedy).  If you are planning a trip to Boston, this organization has a museum in Fanueil Hall.  http://www.ahac.us.com/index.htm

Elias Maverick died 8 September 1684 in Charlestown.  Anne died 07 September, some sources say 1687, some say 1697.

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